If you would like to purchase an autographed copy of Emma’s Dancing Day, please use the following options: 

  1. Send $12.99 + $3 for shipping to P.O. Box 2611, Columbus, IN 47202-2611. Please indicate if you would like the autograph to include any specific individual(s). If your child attends a school where I have given a program, there is no shipping charge. I will deliver the book to their school.  Please provide child’s name, school, and teacher to avoid shipping costs. 
  2. Use PayPal to purchase. $12.99 + $3 for shipping to Please indicate “Money for Friends and Family” and email me at with your shipping information and designation for signing the book. 
  3. Order from PenIt! Publications.

Or you can order from the following for an unsigned copy: 

  1. Order from Amazon.Com. If you order from Amazon, use the Amazon Smile option, which will help your local library. 
  2. Order from Barnes & Noble.

I usually have copies on hand. So if you live in the Columbus/Franklin area, email me at the address above or on my contact page and we can arrange a time to meet.