Exploring New Possibilities

I’ve published poetry, two children’s books with two more coming out soon, but had not yet taken on writing for a magazine. My friend, Kyrian London, who publishes e-zine, Brave Wings Magazine, asked if she could interview me for the magazine. I agreed and quite enjoyed thinking through and writing out the answers to her questions. Interview

After the interview, I agreed to write an article for her March issue on my adventure in Ireland – The Magic of Ireland. I found that I quite enjoyed writing magazine articles and was ready to take on another one.

My next article took on the subject of coping with fibromyalgia, Balancing Act.

Writing for a magazine can be a bit challenging as you are writing in a concise, informative venue in which you need to keep the reader’s interest. I was quite pleased with my first few attempts and am ready to take on more assignments. I’ve learned more about my abilities, broadened my scope of writing, and hopefully written articles that others can learn from and enjoy. I hope you enjoy reading the articles and will check out other articles in Brave Wings Magazine.


Etc., Etc., Etc. – 2018

You are probably like me and everyone else on this planet. A new year rolls around and we see potential. Potential to change things up, have a fresh start, make a difference, etc., etc., etc. (to coin a phrase from “The King and I”). Many will grab onto their newfound resolutions and run full speed ahead. Others will make a good start of it and muddle through them as best they can, not really giving up, but not making steady progress either. Some will make determinations, but never act on them and some, well they simply don’t even start. But a new year does give us hope. Every day is definitely a new start, but there is something about the new year that reinforces the entire idea of do-overs, resolutions, and new beginnings.

For me there is the added new beginning as my birthday falls not far from the new year. I’ve always seen this time of year as the epitome of a new beginning.

I’ve thought through so many possibilities for this new year. In fact, there is probably no conceivable way I can achieve all of the things I want to do, but that’s okay. They are my possibilities and I know that until you set forth your goals, your possibilities, and the things you might achieve (your etc., etc., etc.), you lack a starting point. I am a highly ambitious lady, for sure; so this should be interesting.

I will share some of my etc., etc., etc. and perhaps at the start of 2019, I will revisit this list to see all that I was able to accomplish.

  • Write another children’s book
  • Be paid for an article I submit for publication
  • Have the first draft of my novel completed
  • Work with a larger business or corporation with whom I can promote or partner for my children’s books
  • Be registered to compete in at least one dance competition in 2019
  • Teach a dance class for at least a semester
  • Finish downsizing my stuff
  • Read at least 25 books

I did leave a few items off of the list, but they fall into a top priority category. While I will seek to complete my possibilities above, if they do not come to pass, there is always another day. But the things that are definite to do’s for me are – spending time with God (through prayer, Bible, time hanging with other believers), spending time with my husband, and spending time with my family and friends. Those are not possibilities, they are necessities.

So go ahead…start a list for yourself. What would you like to accomplish this year? Don’t worry about being too grandiose or optimistic. Make the list. Then as your year progresses, work toward a goal at a time and when you reach it, mark it off, celebrate it, be thankful for it and start on the next one. Even if you only can accomplish one etc., that is amazing. Start on the next one…next year. ❤