A Day of Firsts

One of my favorite parts of being an author is visiting schools to present programs and talk to the students. My desire is to make a difference in the students’ lives with my writing. The story accomplishes that, but when I can visit a school and talk with the students, I can convey my passions and take the lessons to a deeper level.

Today was a treat as I was invited to speak at CSA Central Middle School. Up until this point, I had spoken to groups of preschoolers, elementary students, adults and senior groups, but had not yet spoken at a middle or high school. The students were eager to listen and had some great questions.

Another first for today was that my husband, Paul Hoffman, and I were asked to speak together. We’d never done this before, but rocked out our program as well as sharing the slide remote control very well (we both attended kindergarten – a prerequisite for learning to share).

The CSA Central students are preparing to write historical fiction stories done in the “choose your own adventure” style. Paul and I were able to offer advice on creating a theme, how to gain inspiration, and outlining as well as some other handy writing tips.

At the end of the second group, one of the young ladies approached me with a broad smile on her face. She asked at what age did I start writing. She stated she had already started her writing career, creating stories for her younger brother to read. She also had something else to share, a characiture of my husband and I (seen at the top of the page). I was very honored that she shared this with us and allowed me to photograph it. Yet another first, a drawing of the two of us.

I never know what surprises await me when I speak, but they never disappoint.

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This will be my second year attending Imaginarium, a three-day creative writing conference in Louisville, Kentucky in early October. Last year I accompanied my husband, Paul Hoffman, who was a guest panelist. I had just completed my book, “Emma’s Dancing Day”. The conference was amazing with so many workshops we could attend.

This year, I was selected to be a guest panelist along with Paul. I am thrilled and honored to be chosen to participate. If you are interested in creative writing in literature, films, comics, music, or gaming, consider attending this year’s conference, October 6-8, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Links to the event and hotel are on my events page. The cost is reasonable and it is definitely worth the trip.