And it’s only January

It may only be January, but my calendar is filling up quickly. One look at my Event Page will attest to this fact and that is only half of the excitement coming this year.

While I am currently scheduling dates to present programs at schools, libraries and civic clubs, I am also learning Russian. This summer I will be going on a mission trip to Ukraine to teach ESL. But before I can see how well I can speak русский (that’s “Russian” in Russian), I will also be applying my acting skills in a sci-fi film that will be filmed right here in southern Indiana and to which my wonderfully talented husband is assisting with the screenplay.

All of this is stirring my creativity more and more. I have recently finished the rough draft of my latest children’s book, which I hope to have available later this year. In addition, I started crafting diffuser bracelets, which contain lava beads. You drip essential oil onto the lava beads and carry the scent with you throughout the day. Today I have immune defense on my bracelet. You have to be healthy to do all the things on my schedule! I add either signature beads, charms, or affirmations to the bracelet, sometimes adding all three. Like I said, the creativity is bursting out all over.

This is certainly not all of my adventures for 2019. Life is exciting with its roller coaster ride of ups and downs. But no matter what may come this year, let’s make it a good one. I know I am going to live it to the fullest.


American Book Fest Finalist 2018!

American Book Fest has announced their winners and finalists for their 2018 American Fiction Awards.  Sigmund Stanley Spider Square was a finalist in the Children’s Fiction – Ages 3-6!

I feel honored to be a finalist. I am very proud of my book and the message it contains regarding disabilities. I will continue to write stories that educate, encourage and enlighten not only children, but adults, as well.



Second Children’s Book Published

I am thrilled to announce that my second children’s book, Sigmund Stanley Spider Squared, has been published and is available for purchase.  This is a delightful, rhyming tale of a small spider who is born with a disability. He is square and thus his legs do not work in the same way other spiders’ legs do. A young ant, Grant, comes along and teaches Sigmund how to conquer his dilemma, showing him respect and friendship along the way.

Megra Arterburn was the illustrator for my book. Megra is my first cousin twice removed; in other words her grandmother is my cousin. This was her first children’s book to illustrate and she did an incredible job.

I am in the process of developing an accompanying program to present to groups on “Thinking Outside the Box Regarding Disabilities”. If you would like to schedule a program for your group, contact me at I am also working on a book launch, which I hope to have scheduled soon.

Order information for the new book and my previous one can be found in my Store


Works in Progress

One of the first questions an author receives after finishing a book is “What will you write next?” or “What are you working on now?” After writing Emma’s Dancing Day, I took some time to visit schools, libraries, etc. and present programs, taking a short break from writing. As soon as the school year was over and my programs slowed down, I began to pick up my pad of paper again to write.

I am working on two new children’s books and, yes, both are about bugs. They seem to intrigue me and children are enthralled with them as well. One idea came from an encounter I had with a bug during a trip to downtown Columbus and the other from a simple doodle I drew during a meeting. My meetings can become intense at times and doodles are a great way to relieve stress and still be able to pay attention. However, my doodle let to my imagination taking over and several lines of the story being put to paper.

My other work in progress is a novel. I have never tried my hand at this before, but I had never tried writing a children’s book before either. You never know what you can accomplish until you try. I have almost written 10,000 words thus far. The first few chapters were on paper, but then I turned to my Dell as my hands began to cramp. The novel is fantasy, but the exact nature of the story will not be revealed until later.

If you are interested in following my progress, follow me on Facebook.  I post word counts quite often and how things are going with all of my endeavors. I appreciate your support.  ~ Kimberly

Book Launch

Book Launch!

I know what you are saying. Why did she wait this long to launch her book? It is true my book came out shortly after Christmas. However, due to public demand for my awesome book programs, I have been booked solid from mid January through this week. May 20th was the first available date for an official book launch.

The launch will be at Yo Mama’s in Columbus, Indiana on May 20th from 3-5 p.m. Three additional authors from my publisher, Pen It! Publications, will be on hand to read either their children’s books or excerpts from their books. There will be giveaways as well as books available for purchase. You will need to purchase your own frozen yogurt if  you come, but that is a small price to pay for such a wonderful event.

Paul Hoffman, my husband and author of two awesome books, will be my master of ceremonies. My guest authors will be Jen Selinsky, Betty Kelley and Blake Chambers.

So come to Yo Mama’s, purchase a yummy bowl of froyo, top it with all the fantastic toppings you desire, sit back and listen to some great children’s stories, perhaps win a prize, and maybe even purchase a book or two or three to take home with you. Hope to see you there!