Life of a Busy Author

Authors, especially those with day jobs, are extremely busy people. I’ve not had time to update my blog for several months due to author events and well…life. My husband, Paul, who is also a talented author, and I have been to a variety of events in the last six months and are scheduling a plethora of events for the rest of the year.


Writing does have a progression or method to it, but it may not be one work at a time. Currently I have several ideas in various stages. Between the author events, day job, writing in my blog, and life, it can be difficult to find time to work on these different ideas, but it is something authors have to do. The ideas, research, writing, editing, marketing, etc. takes effort, belief in yourself, and perseverance.

So when you think about becoming an author or when you talk to one, know that it is not just writing down a story and putting it into printed form, There is so much that goes into publishing a story. It is not easy, but it is rewarding. So hug an author, ask them about their process, schedule them to speak at your event, buy their books, and write reviews for them. The need your support.


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What a Week!


This has been a grand week. Thursday, I visited Clifty Creek Elementary to present my “Be Unique” program. The children told me the reasons they were unique, which included everything from being a triplet to being able to do a cartwheel. I explained to them that when you take all the different factors that make us different, it makes us truly a very unique individual. And the day would not be complete without dancing to Meghan Trainor’s “Feel Better When I’m Dancin'”. One young lady broke into her own choreography and taught me a new and fun dance move. The teachers got quite involved with the dance, which made everyone giggle with delight.
Today I visited Viewpoint Books in Columbus, Indiana for Independent Bookstore Day. Viewpoint brings in authors for their Signature Saturdays and today happened to be a combination of both events. I was there with author, Ellen Brown Robinson. It was wonderful talking to customers about my books and programs. Some came to talk with me about the character from my latest book, Sigmund Stanley Spider Squared, who is disabled. These conversations encourage, inspire and teach me, allowing me to come away a better person.

And what better place to start a new work-in-progress than a bookstore. After the crowd slowed down, I popped out my notebook and pen and began to write a new story. So for now I have three WIPs. Now if I can only find more time to write.



Kids Say the Darndest Things

Last Friday I visited Cummins Childcare Development Center to give a program. This top-notch facility cares for children from infancy through pre-K. I was impressed as I traveled the halls to my destination. Each room had a large window from ceiling to floor through which I could view staff caring for babies, toddlers singing and dancing, and children playing outdoors in four different play areas, including a playground and garden. They even have an oval track outside that is 1/10th of a mile. The hallways were also lined with displays that made me want to stop and play. I was duly impressed by the security system, noting that parents had to badge in at three doors to actually enter the children resided.


I presented my program to five groups total with all of the children thoroughly enjoying both Emma’s Dancing Day as well as Sigmund Stanley Spider Squared. I loved seeing their faces as I read, some mesmerized by the story. I had asked the children to give me a thumbs up if they liked the books and as soon as I finished the second one, a little girl in the back popped right up with both of her thumbs thrust exuberantly in the air. After I read both stories, we danced to Better When I’m Dancing by Meghan Trainor. I even learned some new moves from the kids.


I did hear some very funny comments during my visit. Here are a few of those for your enjoyment.

  • Upon noticing my white/silver highlights in my hair (which is all me) – “My mommy’s hair used to be white, but she colors it now.”
  • When we were dancing as if toweling ourselves off, “My mommy does this all the time.”
  • When leaving the program and choosing if they wanted a bookmark or business card –  Little girl – “Which one did Avery pick?” me – “I don’t know who Avery is.” Little girl – “She is the short girl with blonde hair.” (There were lots of short people and probably 1/3 had blonde hair.

There were numerous other comments made and one little girl had a hard time not interjecting at every moment, but we had a grand time.

Remember if you would like me to speak at your school, church, civic group, etc. or you would like to order a book, feel free to contact me at


Richards Elementary School Visit

After postponing my visit due to bronchitis, I was able to visit Richards Elementary in Columbus, Indiana last Friday. The visit was a huge success and I was able to maintain my voice throughout, though it was quite scratchy by the time I left. This was the first time I have spoken to an entire school and I must say they were very attentive and respectful. The first group heard me speak on “How to Write a Story” and the second group, “Overcoming Obstacles”.


One young man asked if I could sign his bookmark, which I did and thus started a long line of eager students who wanted my autograph. The young man remarked that he would keep the bookmark always and never wash it! It seems I am a celebrity in my hometown.


When I finished here, I made my way to the kindergarten classroom and read both of my books to the students there. They were the first to hear me read “Sigmund Stanley Spider Squared” and they loved it!

Ready for my next adventure! Contact me if you would like me to speak at your school, library, etc. I’m always excited to meet new people and share with them about my passions.


Second Children’s Book Published

I am thrilled to announce that my second children’s book, Sigmund Stanley Spider Squared, has been published and is available for purchase.  This is a delightful, rhyming tale of a small spider who is born with a disability. He is square and thus his legs do not work in the same way other spiders’ legs do. A young ant, Grant, comes along and teaches Sigmund how to conquer his dilemma, showing him respect and friendship along the way.

Megra Arterburn was the illustrator for my book. Megra is my first cousin twice removed; in other words her grandmother is my cousin. This was her first children’s book to illustrate and she did an incredible job.

I am in the process of developing an accompanying program to present to groups on “Thinking Outside the Box Regarding Disabilities”. If you would like to schedule a program for your group, contact me at I am also working on a book launch, which I hope to have scheduled soon.

Order information for the new book and my previous one can be found in my Store