Second Children’s Book Published

I am thrilled to announce that my second children’s book, Sigmund Stanley Spider Squared, has been published and is available for purchase.  This is a delightful, rhyming tale of a small spider who is born with a disability. He is square and thus his legs do not work in the same way other spiders’ legs do. A young ant, Grant, comes along and teaches Sigmund how to conquer his dilemma, showing him respect and friendship along the way.

Megra Arterburn was the illustrator for my book. Megra is my first cousin twice removed; in other words her grandmother is my cousin. This was her first children’s book to illustrate and she did an incredible job.

I am in the process of developing an accompanying program to present to groups on “Thinking Outside the Box Regarding Disabilities”. If you would like to schedule a program for your group, contact me at I am also working on a book launch, which I hope to have scheduled soon.

Order information for the new book and my previous one can be found in my Store


Indiana Author Award Nominations Now Being Accepted

It is time to nominate your favorite Indiana author for The Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award. Nominations are now open through March 16th.

The Award, begun by philanthropists, Eugene & Marilyn Glick, celebrates the written arts in Indiana. Reading opens the door to education, adventure, and inspiration. This award focuses on Hoosiers who excel in the literary field. As stated on their website, “The Award celebrates authors whose quality work has made, or has the potential to make, a lasting public impact.

Check out their website for eligibility requirements and award categories.

Winning authors also have the privilege of being a writing ambassador throughout the year, working with schools and other organizations in their area.

I encourage you to nominate your favorite author for this award. Perhaps that author is me. I would definitely consider it a huge honor to be a writing ambassador, encouraging others and participating in outreach activities.

You can nominate more than one author for the various categories. Find the nomination form here.



East Side Elementary Meets the Author

The best way to spend Groundhog’s Day is with a room full of students eager to learn and that is exactly what I did yesterday. I traveled to East Side Elementary in Edinburgh, Indiana to meet with the Kindergarten through grade 3 students.



My first group included all of the Kindergarten and 1st grade students. They were a very lively bunch and had a lot to say. They did quiet down to hear Emma’s Dancing Day. We then had a time of Q&A followed by some dancing. Even with the room being shoulder to shoulder with students, we danced to Meghan Trainor’s Better When I’m Dancin’. Giggles and excitement prevailed as well as smiles galore.


The next group to file in was the 2nd and 3rd grade students. They listened attentively to the story, learned how to write a story, and then asked some great questions.


I left them with plenty of bookmarks and business cards (yes, some children prefer those). As the last group filed out, the students commented how much they enjoyed the story, the bookmarks and my poster, and thanked me for coming. I promised them I would post photos within 48 hours, so here they are. If you would like me to present a program or speak to your group, contact me at





Husband/Wife -What a Pair!

I have been truly honored and blessed to share this life with my husband, Paul Hoffman. Paul has been writing almost his entire life. He is an outstanding researcher and it shows in his writing. I don’t know if I would have become an author if it had not been for him pursuing his dream. As he wrote his first novel, I followed along to assist with research and interviews. Then when he began promoting his book, I followed again; this time to be supportive, learn more about this man I married, and to enjoy his talks.

However, on the journey, I learned much about writing. So when the seed of a story dropped into my head, the time I had spent with him at his talks, author events, etc. gave me the additional knowledge I needed, along with my original skills, to pen my own book. He encourages me on my path and helps me to hone my skills.

Sharing our writing adventure together just makes everything that much more special. We still have several events on our own, but it has been amazing to begin sharing events together, as well. ❤