My Heart is Blessed

I did not set out to be an author, but God gave me a story to write. I did not dream where this little story would take me. I have been a guest at preschools, elementary schools, a retirement village, libraries and retail stores since early January. At each and every event, I have encountered people who need encouragement to persevere. Life can throw a lot at you sometimes and you may need a little encouragement to push you up and over the fence. Emma’s Dancing Day has provided that push for many.

I have encountered children who needed the encouragement to continue writing their stories. One young lady talked to my husband and I about her home life. She needed someone to listen and hear her. I have received hugs from children and smiles & sighs from adults who were touched by the story. I was able to share my talk on overcoming obstacles with so many children and adults who need to know they can still reach for their dreams. I have danced with so many children who needed to smile, laugh and enjoy the moment.

I never ceased to be amazed at how God opened up a huge door for me to reach so many people through one little story. My prayer through this adventure has been “God expand my borders and let me bless others through my book.” He has done just that. He has allowed me to talk to so many people and be an encouragement to them.

It is tiring at times as I still continue to work 40 hours a week besides my author events, but it is worth it. My brother always encouraged me to store up my treasure in heaven and that is what I am doing. I may not become rich from my books, but I am rich in so many other ways. ~ Kimberly


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