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School Days, School Days…

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I am thoroughly enjoying visiting the area schools. I have been to St. Peter’s Elementary three times covering all classes – grades K-4. There I read my book, presented programs on the writing process and overcoming obstacles, and conducted Q&A’s.

I then traveled to Franklin, Indiana, where I conducted a program at Northwood Elementary for all of the kindergarten classes. They enjoyed the story, the program on how to write a story, and their Q&A time, but most of all they loved the interactive dance demonstration. We learned just a bit of ballet and then we danced! Nothing like dancing with 40-50 children at a time.

My next program was at Busy Bee Academy here in Columbus, Indiana. I sat in a lovely white rocking chair and read Emma’s Dancing Day to a captive audience. These children had awesome listening skills and were so quiet. When it was time to dance, they listened well to instructions, had an amazing time learning a few ballet moves before becoming extremely silly. It made my heart so happy to hear the children say they wanted my business card instead of the bookmark because “it has you on it”.

The children make these visits so special. I love sharing the programs with them, reading and dancing as well. To see them so excited about a story gives me an immense amount of satisfaction and joy. For an artist that is what we want to see,  our creation bring joy to others. This is one of the central themes of Emma’s Dancing Day – “Your gift brings joy to everyone and gives you peace when day is done.”

May you learn the lesson Emma does, persevere in your talent, follow your heart, and be brave as you present your gift/talent. May it bring joy to those around you as you feel the peace and joy in your heart from your efforts.






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