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My Life A.P. (After Publishing)

I have to admit the last few months have been quite an adventure. I never thought that publishing a book would be this marvelous and scary at the same time. I had never written before except for papers for school and the occasional poem to purge the soul. This book came from a simple event in my life that my imagination used to birth the book.

I have been selling books almost every day on my own (not counting Amazon, Barnes & Noble or my publisher). Events are scheduled through the first week of March, approximately 1 per week. I teasingly told my husband I need an assistant, which is not too far from reality.

I would write more now, but then I would need to hire that assistant to take care of the other things in my life! So for now, I will encourage you to check out my Events Page. Many of the events are at public/private schools, but if your child or a friend’s child attends those schools, let them know I am coming and encourage them to purchase a book.

If you can attend one of the public events, please do. Your encouragement is much appreciated.



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